M3U Custom Channels Wont Play


I have a TV tuner built into an android box from VBOX communications. I am in ireland and use it to receive FTA Saorview channels RTE 1, Virguin Media 1 etc.

When I add its M3U to my Channels DVR server as a source, it finds 22 channels (which is correct) but it will not play them It used to work with this same biox so I dont understand why it wont play anymore.

I have tried the m3U in VLC and it loads fine. It also works if I use the VBOX app.

Any thoughts on what I could try?

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When you added the M3U to Channels did you specify that it was MPEG-TS rather than HLS for the stream format?

That could be it. Thank you, you are a live saver. Hopefully that's it sorted.