Mac App Please!

The SD HomeRun Viewer is awful. I am sure this has been discussed here before, but search isn’t working for me. Please develop a MacOS app with the same great interface as the iOS and ATV versions.


The Channels DVR offering supports playback thru a web interface. I use the web interface to watch live and recorded television on my Mac Mini as well as recorded shows on iOS devices. There is additional hardware and a $8/month cost for the DVR so this may not interest you.

FYI - The Channels team is heads down on their DVR product, which is in beta right now, so they’ve got their hands full.

I just realized your question was for a MacOS app, which implies you already have a Mac. In that case, your Mac could be used as the DVR server. So no additional hardware would be needed to join the DVR beta.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t really need a DVR. Just want the same great viewing experience for live tv on my mac as I have with iOS and ATV. Only a request.

A Mac version would be great and if you decide to develop one could you please add the feature were the app stays on top of all others. I use the SiliconDust’s Mac app but it lacks this feature and I like to tune in to a news show while I work on my desktop computer, but I have to dig up the window all the time.

Try playing using the web player and using the PIP functionality built into Safari. This will give you an overlayed window for the video.

Pro tip: hold command and you can move it anywhere you want, not just the corners of the screen.


There is a web player for the hdhomerun, I can’t find how to load it, went through all the links at

The web player is part of the DVR software, so you can access it via on your mac

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I got it now, since I was talking about the hdhomerun, I assumed you were referring to it’s web player. I will give a spin tomorrow, thanks a lot for this tip.

Or use the Channels DVR web player from any other OS that does not (yet) have a dedicated client.


That’s how I use ChannelsDVR with 3 windows machines.

You can also use it when not at home as well even with a phone (a little klunky to use at first; but works well once you get used to the “authorization” page)


I used Fluid to create an app for my Mac. All it does is open up the webpage, but it does it as an “app.”


I am happy to report that using the web player works beautifully and I do have the fluid app, so I will give this a shot too. Thanks for all the helpful tips.


I created the app using Fluid, but it has some serious limitations:

  1. PIP does not work
  2. Full screen does not work

All other controls, like skip back and froward, pause, volume control and CC do work just fine.

Otherwise it is pretty slick to have it as an app. I keep forgetting that I have used Fluid before with other online services.

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Not really related to this, but while testing the web player I found the following issue. When playing a channel, there is a More Airings button on the lower left window, when clicked, it loads new content in the web windows behind the player, but because you cannot move the playing channel windows one really does not see the full info. Basically as it stands now, it is not useful.

new user here but would love if you guys made a mac app with as clean as a interface as the apple tv and IOS if you can do that it would finish the apple ecosystem!

Agree, that would be amazing. In the interim be sure to check out the Web UI…runs on multiple platforms through browser. I use it on my mac, as it offers some additional Advanced “pass” options that are phenomenal.


Allow it to easily change channels. It looks like the web UI only allows you to open up one channel and if you want to quickly change the channel you have to close the window and find the channel you want and open a new windows (unless I am missing something).

We are waiting to see what happens at WWDC next year. Apple is expected to announce new APIs for macOS development which will make things a lot easier.

How did you create the app using Fluid?

It gives me an error that “Could not create new fluid app.”

I was using the http://localhost:…" as the url.

Any progress towards a MacOS desktop app?