Mac App..?

I am aware it’s been discussed before, and the ported iPad app does work well.

Is there any chance we could get an official Mac App now that the M-series chips are being utilized by more people these days?

Thanks for all the hard work, devs!

I just got a Mac Studio and was super excited to use the ported iPad app. But you're right - It's not great. But here is what I do, which works pretty well -

Download the Fluid Mac app:

It turns any web page into a Mac app. Using Fluid, I created an app and pointed the new app to my Live TV > On Now screen. (But you can point it to any page you'd like)

I even took a screen shot of the iPad app icon and used it for my Mac app icon:


Yes, it is just a glorified web page. But it works pretty well.

Mac app development is in the middle of a complete identity crisis. When Apple decides the direction it wants to go in, and actually leads, we’ll look at a desktop port then.

As it is, their multiple ways to develop desktop apps have been around for quite a few years, and they’re severely unpolished leaving developers on the hook.

It’s a perfect poison for a small team like ours.