Mac Mini (2018), HD Homerun Quatro, Apple TV Freezing-Pixilation Live TV/DVR

I have a Mac Mini (2018, i5, 8gb ram), HD Homerun Quatro & Apple TV 4K all hardwired, while watching live tv and recordings the picture and audio will freeze for 5-10 seconds at a time and then play fine for awhile and happen again. If I watch my antenna directly connected to the tv or use Plex live tv this does not happen. I was running Channels on a Win10 PC and did not have this issue, it just started after switching to the Mac Mini. The mini was running on WI-FI which I thought was the issue but after hardwiring the issue persisted. All connected to gigabit switch. Any thoughts?

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What does speedtest show between the mac and Apple TV?

How to I test between the two?

Click the link I provided and follow the instructions there.

Not a bandwidth issue then.

Is tuner sharing on or off in the app?

Tuner sharing is on but the Apple TV is the only device using it at the time.