macOS APFS Space Sharing Containers (or Partitions)

macOS High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur support APFS (Apple File System). This new file system offers a new method of partitioning into “Containers”, called “Space Sharing”. Essentially, containers don’t need to be size-specified, unlike partitions — the container’s free space is shared and can be allocated to any of the volumes as needed.

Are there any issues using APFS Containers with Channels DVR server on Mac? I worry that I can’t specify the storage size (2TB or 500 hours) of the Channels DVR with smart retention rules (other than specifying how many episodes are recorded or how long episodes are retained). I wonder if using APFS Containers will cause any adverse issues with Channels server.

More info here

I can't imagine this would cause any issue. Sounds like Apple's version of LVM Thin Provisioning, ZFS datasets, Btrfs subvolumes, etc. The idea has been around for decades.

The problem might come from the system mis-reporting the free space to Channels. You'd need to see if the size of the container is reported as that of its quota, or if it reports the size of the containing volume.

Yes, the available space reporting is odd expectedly.

Following up on APFS Space Sharing Containers that I've implemented. The available space declines as recordings are added; for example, if 1.3TB of recordings are made on a 10TB drive, available space in Channels DVR Server shows as 8.7TB available. If another Container takes 0.7TB in this example, available space on Channels shows as 8.0TB available.

How does Channels handle a volume when its quota is reached?