macOS client

What are my options for using Channels on macOS other than via the webrowser. I have setup the hdhomerun + channels dvr for a number of clients. One of the request is that they want to use their Mac desktops via a remote. I am cool with all the remote options ie flirc, but etc. But do I need to look at the hdhomerun app ?

The web client is your only option I think. Its also not really intended to be a viewing app and is more of an admin UI.

Yes understand thanks,

I would really like to see a MacOS version of Channels client app. I don't like the webclient - too much clicks.

Please bring a MacOS app to life, happy to pay for it. The HDHomeRun app is awful.

The iPad app is available on the Mac App Store for users with Macs that have Apple processors. While not a true Mac app, it ought to fill that niche for users with compatible hardware.

I don’t have the M1 Mac.

Just to set expectations, the Devs have recently stated they have no plans to make clients for any additional platforms in the near future. I would venture to say that with the iPad app working on the M1 based Macs that are coming out, this makes it even less likely. It never hurts to ask, but I wanted to share the most recent statements on it.