MacOS Hardware Deinterlace

I have noticed that when installed on MacOS, the DVR server does not have a hardware deinterlace option, even when using recent intel hardware that is quicksync capable.

Does the h264_videotoolbox api that appears to be used during transcoding - abstract hardware based deinterlacing - or is deinterlacing all done in software on MacOS?

Also what are the performance differences, if any, for linux or windows vs MacOS for the Server OS?

The macOS videotoolbox api which wraps quicksync does not expose deinterlacing options. Our software deinterlacer is optimized for the mac so it doesn't matter very much.

So what should be the preferred transcoder settings on a 2018 mac mini? I just noticed mine was set to software.

Hardware, but that's not available if the dvr is installed as a service.

The standard install is as a service right? I clicked on hardware just to play around, which I think kicked my mom out of her playback, and she's now watching her show again with hardware selected.

The default is to run in the menu bar when the current user is logged in.

Transcoding only affects out of home playback. Changing the setting would not affect any existing streams.

Correct my mom is out of home streaming for me.

Ok so the fact that mine was set to software wasn't correct then? Mine runs in the menu bar when logged in.

Hardware transcoder just uses less power and CPU. Otherwise it is the same. It's just a matter of preference.

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I noticed when I switched it to Hardware, that the mac mini got quieter.