Major Changes to Listing Views in tvOS/iOS - Please Report Issues

:wave: hey, all.

The latest build has some major rewrites and changes built in regarding views that list things. While they might not look very different, they've been completely rewritten for future plans.

Please give them a whirl and report any bugs you find in this thread.

Issues you should look for

  • Views not being kept up to date in real time
  • New items now showing up in real time
  • Deleted items now being removed in real time
  • Bugs or crashes when deleting things

Refreshed Views

  • Recording
  • Show View (on iOS)
  • Trash
  • Schedule
  • Passes
  • Airings
  • Downloads
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If you swipe slightly back from the passes view or trash, then release as if you changed your mind, the passes list/trashed items flash (disappear then reappear). Doesn't happen with the schedule.

Every program details window in the guide now has a red exclamation point under the date...every single program i open, OTA, TVE, Pluto. channel matters not.
Apple tv app 5.31.2032
(my ipad has non beta 5.6.3, and does not have this issue)

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I see the same thing in the iOS beta.

:man_facepalming: that was one of my last bugs and forgot about it! Thanks!

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Both fixed with the latest pre-release:


Recordings page, when empty is messed up.
clicking any of the buttons, the app crashes.

Fixed in latest TestFlight beta.

Not sure if this is related? I have Enhanced Library enabled (Browse by Folder, too.) And in Movies > Folders, there is a third blank option that doesn’t do anything?

No, but we’ll check it out.

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Not sure if this is related. But under Your Passes. Manage Priority is missing so you can't adjust which shows are most important to record vs the others.

This has been removed. It may re-appear in the future.