Manage Imported Movies issue

I wasn't sure where to post this so if this needs to be moved do so by all means.

I am newly setting up imported movies in the server app. I have over 700 movies on my NAS.

When I go into the section to manage my movies so that I can more quickly marked those we have already seen as marked, I can't see all of them. I scroll down and maybe get up to 100 of them to show up and there isn't any "Next Page" button that I see like viewing my movies from the main Movies tab. I have been using that view to at least continue marking those as watched but it's very tedious compared to the Manage section of the UI.

Is there something I am missing on that page or will it only show up to a certain number of movies?

That was supposedly fixed a couple months ago. See discussion end of February starting here
(You might recognize the poster)

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Wow! I thought I had posted something about this but I swear I searched and could not find it anywhere. I admit I am not very good at searching for these things sometimes.

However, it's not fixed.

IIRC showing all the movies caused the browser to lock up so we had to revert back to 100 max.

Agreed that we need a better way to page through the rest of the movies in the manage interface.

Ok, so at least I am not just going crazy. Yeah, doing it from the main Movies UI is pretty tedious.

Yeah, that's why we did this manage interface. But when we did it, we were thinking more in terms of managing things you add over time, so the 100 limit wasn't too bad.

But you're right, being able to manage everything after your first import is an important scenario. We'll look into getting a paginating button in there.

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That's cool. Thanks for looing at this.

It's good to have that for a 1st time setup actually. I finished marking everything watched that applied and after I finished I realized, yeah, now it's not going to be needed so much. Now, one would assume any future new movies I add will be unwatched (although not always true since I am also a big collector).

Anyway, thanks for all you guys do!