Manage you library database scans

I have the Personal Media scan frequency set for every six hours. From what I can tell, those scans do NOT remove the entries in the CDVR client gui for files that are no longer on there? I would have thought it would keep the DB in sync with the file system and remove the entries from CDVR so I cannot try to watch a show that the file has been deleted by some other action outside of CDVR. (like its watched manually by clicking on it in explorer and then deleted interactively) I had removed some files from my personal media folder and the following day they were still listed in the client gui but error-ed out when I tried to watch them. -Bill

You wouldn't want that.
The reason it doesn't auto prune deleted entries is because if your import source wasn't available for some reason (network issue, mount issues, drive spun down, etc.) it would delete the database entries it had imported and cause support headaches when you reported losing all your imported media.

You can manually prune the missing imports, but the recommendation is to delete (trash) them from within the Channels DVR server, so it (database) knows you deleted them.


I am seeing a few fixes/changes to Pruning in the beta updates since I posted this thread. I wonder if those will "fix" this and remove the deleted shows from the library so they no longer show. Having shows still in there after being removed elsewhere is WAF issue. In my testing of other dvrs, they remove them after a library scan. (plex,sage, myth) -Bill

No. Channels will never remove items it doesn’t see, during a routine scan. The reasons were given above.

If you want to remove items from Channels, do it from Channels, not from your file system.

Ok. What is the Prune I see fixed in the latest beta's? -Bill

They decided to make you happy and let it delete all imports.
Just kidding. :grin: They squashed bugs that were trashing imports when it shouldn't have.