Manual recording and Up Next

I have a scheduled task set to run at 8:00 am every weekday morning to schedule a recording at 2:00 pm for a channel (KTLA 6973) that has no guide data. The recording works fine, but when the program records it does not pop-up to the top of Up Next. It shows up somewhere in the middle of the pack. I haven't been able to figure out what property I'm failing to set or setting incorrectly.

If I begin watching the show and then stop it, it does move up to the top of Up Next.

This is the payload to create the job for today's recording:

  "Name": "KTLA Off the Clock",
  "Time": 1627333200,
  "Duration": 3600,
  "Channels": [
  "Airing": {
    "Source": "manual",
    "Channel": "6973",
    "OriginalDate": "2021-07-26",
    "Time": 1627333200,
    "Duration": 3600,
    "Title": "Off the Clock",
    "EpisodeTitle": "OTC 2021-07-26",
    "Summary": "Megan, Chris and Henry",
    "Image": "http://krusty.home/junk/otc.png",
    "SeriesID": "666666667",
    "ProgramID": "CS666666667-1627333200",
    "SeasonNumber": 2021,
    "EpisodeNumber": 207,
    "Raw": ""

Another anomaly that I've run into while tweaking this is that the "Image" property of the "group" object for this show is the URL that I set during my first attempt to get this working. I have not been able to figure out any way to update the Image property of the group object or to get rid of the group object entirely. (I changed the bogus SeriesID that I made up to work-around that issue.)