Manual Recordings vs. Series Pass, will both record?

Since the guide data doesn't list the show and I want to record its first eight 1 hr episodes tomorrow, I manually selected the time slots in the guide and chose to record what appears there even though the Title and Expisode title are not accurate.
I also setup a series pass for the show, the original 1959 The Untouchables, all 4 Seasons, 118 episodes, 8 episodes airing each Sunday on H&I (Heroes and Icons).

If the guide data gets corrected and updated tomorrow will the series pass record those eight 1 hr time slots as The Untouchables or will it see I already have those time slots being recorded and fail or will it record each time slot twice?

Since it wasn't in the guide data update, looks like I'll get the recordings I want today, but using the 8 manually picked shows appearing in the guide.

12pm Batman (actually The Untouchables - S01E01 - The Empty Chair)
1pm Wonder Woman (S01E02 - Ma Barker And Her Boys)
2pm Sheena (S01E03 - The Jake Lingle Killing)
3pm Relic Hunter (S01E04 - The George "Bugs" Moran Story)
4pm BeastMaster (S01E05 - Ain't We Got Fun?)
5pm Mutant X (S01E06 - Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll)
6pm Highlander (S01E07 - Mexican Stake-Out)
7pm War of the Worlds (S01E08 - The Artichoke King)

Will see what happens next Sunday with episodes 9-16.

Any guesses what will happen?

I'm assuming since each pair is on the same channel and same time it will record as two shows and share one HDHR Prime tuner.
Screenshot_2020-07-12 Channels DVR

I've had a situation similar to this in the past, and that is indeed what happened. The DVR always exhibits tuner sharing.

(In fact, the reason the Batman/Wonder Woman/etc. recordings still show is because you manually set those to record; the guide no longer shows them on H&I for later today.)

Correct. Left them on purpose to see what would happen. Should find out soon.

Both manually selected and series pass shows recorded using tuner sharing on my HDHR Prime.
So for Noon I got a Batman and an Untouchables recording on the same channel for the same timeslot.

So if a series hasn't appeared in the guide data yet, you can manually record what shows in the guide data for that date and time and when the guide data picks up the series, it will also record from a series pass.