Manually Change Channel Icons?



Just a quick question; is there any way to manually change the channel icons? I don't mind doing a little hackery pokery! It's no biggy really, just the UK icons are a bit inconsistent - the BBC1 HD icon has transparent lettering with no HD symbol, while the BBC2 HD icon has white lettering and a HD symbol. I know this is mega panicity (I'm sure that's a word), but it does upset my inner monkey a little bit.

Many thanks.


Sorry, there’s no way to customize channel logos.


Thanks for taking a look! I think my channel icons are pulling through from HDHomeRun so I shall pester them to get their colouring pencils out and colour in the BBC One icon :smile:.

P.S. I am constantly in awe of how fast and smooth Channels is; it really is a pleasure to use! Now I find myself watching TV instead of doing all my jobs ... my wife might want to have words with you guys :smile:.


Okay, now I feel a bit silly :smile:

The guys at HDHomeRun were fantastic and re-mapped my channels to more consistent listings. I’ve had a poke around their API documentation and should be able to do this myself if it goes wrong again.

Now I’m a little unsure about how to get my Channels apps to refresh their icons from the HDHomeRun. The HDHomeRun app now shows the correct icons, but not the Channels apps. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, rescanning to force a refresh, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.


I believe it's a SHIFT+Click on the guide refresh icon in the web UI of the Channels DVR server page; that will pull the channel info from the HDHR tuner rather than using Channels' Gracenote mappings. If you are only using the Channels app without the DVR, I believe there's a similar type of double-button press in the settings screen, but it is platform dependent.


Thank you very much racameron I’ll give that a whirl!

I hadn’t thought to look at the DVR to be honest, I think I assumed that because channel icons are available in the standard none DVR Channels app, they must be retrieved via some other route.

I’ll definitely give this a go and let you know how I get on.

Thanks again!