Manually Change Channel Icons?



Just a quick question; is there any way to manually change the channel icons? I don't mind doing a little hackery pokery! It's no biggy really, just the UK icons are a bit inconsistent - the BBC1 HD icon has transparent lettering with no HD symbol, while the BBC2 HD icon has white lettering and a HD symbol. I know this is mega panicity (I'm sure that's a word), but it does upset my inner monkey a little bit.

Many thanks.


Sorry, there’s no way to customize channel logos.


Thanks for taking a look! I think my channel icons are pulling through from HDHomeRun so I shall pester them to get their colouring pencils out and colour in the BBC One icon :smile:.

P.S. I am constantly in awe of how fast and smooth Channels is; it really is a pleasure to use! Now I find myself watching TV instead of doing all my jobs ... my wife might want to have words with you guys :smile:.