Manually Mark Shows or Movies as Recorded

I have some shows that I deleted and movies I deleted, but I don't want them recording again. Is there away to manually mark a show or movie as recorded already?

They won't record again unless you have "re-record deleted" enabled on a pass

I think my have done a database recreate once or twice since installing channels and I notice that I have some shows that are being re-recorded. It is possible or is there an API call that I could use to mark these shows or movies as recorded already?

If they're no longer in the database, then I'm not sure how you would mark them. I suppose you could try:

  1. Seeing what the full JSON of a database entry is for an existing recording.
  2. Determine what the minimal content is necessary to populate the database.
  3. Send a PATCH request to the endpoint you retrieved the database entry from with your new payload.

That's a lot of trial-and-error. Or a second option could be to:

  1. Take your DVR offline.
  2. Use an offline BoltDB editor to inspect Channels' database.
  3. Manually create/insert the relevant entries.

But I imagine the second process is even more fraught with trial-and-error, and much more likely to corrupt your Channels installation.

Why not just let it record again, then delete it after it's done recording? Much easier.

So, if I previously recorded a show S1E1 and then deleted and recreated database. Then if I have a pass the records that show. And there is a reairing of that episode it would record again. That would waste bandwidth.

Or I could look at the pass and select the episode or movie and select the gear icon, or make api call to say it’s already recorded so the pass will not pick it up later. If I skip it could come back at a later time to be recorded and I would have to skip it again.

If it's not in the database, then the DVR has no knowledge of the episode at all. When it shows up in the schedule you can mark it to be skipped, but if it's not already in the recording database, there is no way to mark as already recorded.

The two convoluted options I mentioned were ways one might try to add something to the database manually, since Channels won't add it until it actually records it.

You can either try to manually create the database entry, or let Channels do it when it gets recorded and then delete the item. You're welcome to try other options; I just didn't have any off the top of my head.

Dang. I was hoping for some command/API that would take the scheduled show and mark it has recorded without actually recording it. Make it in the database without having to re-record.

Which database are you talking about?

The guide database has nothing to do with what is recorded and not recorded. It just holds the guide data.

Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 12.48.43 PM

So I tried something to see if it would work. I recorded ALL of the series Knight Rider except for a few season 1 episodes. Those recording has been deleted.

So, I thought if I import empty files as a work around I could fool the season pass into not recording. Like Knight Rider - S01E01 - Title Blah Blah.m4v the season pass would ignore.

But when I unpaused the Season Pass, it still scheduled the recording of episodes that I have imported. But this didn't seem to fool anything, LOL!

Imports don't currently affect the already recorded list. That's something I would like to fix.

Or maybe a skip forever option? Maybe it writes a ghost record to the database to never record this show episode, or movie?