Marquee channel (marq)

chicago area just got the marquee network for sports and the guide info is incomplete


Is the guide correct in the HDHomeRun app? On

it is not

Report it to [email protected] or at the bottom of the page on via the Contact link

I open tickets for them

But now how do I schedule a manual recording for a particular channel (202) at a particular time if the guide is just completely blank

u can not.
u have to have guide info in order to record.
there are channels, like the TVE 24/7 channels Adult swimm etc, that have no guide info and thus can not be recorded.
this has been mentioned before elsewhere i recall.
woudl be nice to be able to set a manual record based on time and channel, but i dont thing that has been added.

I'm seeing guide data on zap2it, but still nothing on Channels.

I'm having the same experience. Marquee guide data shows up in the HDHomerun app and on AppleTV Channels app (when the DVR is powered off) but not in the DVR.

Click the circle refresh icon under your HDHR on the dvr web UI

I have guide info on mine

That appears to have worked. Interestingly, the guide data starts an hour from now (1:30PM CDT) so On Now is still blank. Thx