Marquee Sports Network

Will channels dvr include marquee sports network? I am in Chicago, and att uverse has the channel but it isn’t showing up in my post with att as the source.

I'm not seeing UVERSE as a provider on their website. I see Direc tv

it comes in on the actual uverse tv station with the cable box.

If you can find a website that allows you to log in with your UVERSE credentials and watch the channel, it’s possible Channels DVR can support it. However, it looks like @Richard_smith may have already found the website and checked and found that UVERSE is not an authentication option. If so, it will not be available in Channels either.

UVerse/DTV doesn’t have authentication on their stream yet. Hopefully by the time the season starts.

I have Hulu and it allows me to authenticate... hopefully this channel is added soon! Be great to get in the next few weeks before baseball season starts!

Please add for Hulu... it is available and useable as a log-in