Match content issue

The last couple of betas seem to have a match content issue with live OTA or recorded OTA content.

Even though I have all match content settings off in the beta, I can clearly see my tv switching modes when I go between 720 and 1080 content. Now I am getting long delays in black while the system switches over.

The last few betas had match content updates. So this is possible. We’ll check it out.

Could you describe what you are doing in more detail? I’m not able to reproduce any issues.

Additionally, what you’ve described isn’t very accurate. Namely:

  1. Match content doesn’t kick in based on resolution. It’s a framerate and color space thing.
  2. There’s no on/off for matching content on recordings

Please provide your Video and Match Content settings for your Apple TV.

I’m not saying that you’re not seeing black screens while it matches content when it shouldn’t, but you may be mistaken on why or when it’s happening. Without that correct info, it’s hard to debug.

ATV match settings are both on. All match settings in Channels are off. Suddenly seeing long black screens when I switch from 1080 stations at 29 fps to 720 stations at 59 fps. Same for going back to the Channels guide, usually instant, now a long pause in black before the guide comes up. Going from the guide to a OTA show can result in a black screen with sound and eventually the TV saying no video source.

Ok, that's what's kicking it off, not the resolution. I just checked this and it works for me.

Could you try turning match content on for live tv, and then back off, then trying it?

Tried that and it still went to black. So then I did a complete video settings reset in the ATV and that cleared it. Just by coincidence appeared when the beta supporting other match conditions was added.

OK, weird. Let's call this settled then. No one else has mentioned an issue either. Thanks for reporting back!