Match Content option question

Does this option affect upscaling output?..... Meaning if it's off.... Does the streamer do the interlacing and resolution upscaling?.... Like a passthrough.... And on the App does it?


March content on the Apple TV does nothing but set your TV to the same framerate and colorspace (HDR) as the video.

I'm talking about the option in the Channels app.

So I have my ATV set to output 4k60 SDR and RGB High.

With the option set to off in the Channels app that's what I get going to my TV. When I set it to ON in the Channels App then the output to the TV changes to YCbCr 4:4:4.

The option in our app enables us telling tvOS what your video content range and frame rate are. That's all it does. The Apple TV makes changes to the HDMI connection based on that information.

This still doesn't make sense to me. My NBC OTA station is sending 1080i 29.97FPS yuv420. If I have your option Channels MC off my ATV outputs what I set.... RGB HIGH 4k 60.....

If I set Channels MC to ON, my ATV outputs yCbCr 4k60 4:4:4:

So either way there are changes to the video output from the ATV. Sounds to me the with MC on, the Channels app is doing the upscaling and telling the ATV not to change the output to what is specified in the ATV settings.

The Match Content for Live TV is only for live tv and all it does is allow you to avoid matching content for live tv if it’s set to Off. That’s it.

If it’s on, then content is matched by the Apple TV as usual. If it’s off, we don’t allow content matching to take place.

All content matching is done by the system. Channels does nothing.

I don’t think the Apple TV matches things at a chroma level. It’s just about HDR and Dolby Vision and of course framerate.

So how should I have my 4k Apple TV set to match my ATSC 3.0 signal? I do have a 4k TV

I personally set mine to 4K SDR. And the chroma to the highest. Eveyrhing else is handled fine.