MCEBuddy - Channels DVR files


Results for me utilizing MCEBuddy (donator version) on Channels DVR files:

  1. Able to create a new comm free H.264 file (15-30%) from original DVR file
  2. Replaces original file
  3. Able to play from Channels on web ui or tvOS
  4. Conforms to Plex structure and playable from Plex
  5. Playable by multi 3rd party players.

BE AWARE: Haven’t been able to create an archive file of the original Channels DVR file (no response yet to request from MCEBuddy) within a single step MCEBuddy process.

MCEBuddy runs under WINDOWS: Macs can be dual booted to Windows via thunderbolt or USB 3. Also, MCEBuddy can be run from a Mac utillizing either Bootcamp or Parallels. Probably in a VM also. See MCEBuddy on web for more info:

See process and notes: Feature Request- File Name

Also, for scripts see @karlmitchell thread


Auto skip commercials?
Record with Channels DVR, Convert with MCEBuddy, Watch In Channels App

Thanks for creating this post @DebbieFL Hopefully @tmm1 have some good news for us soon. Manually renaming folders is getting tiresome


I’m just checking: You replace the original file with an mpeg-4, but it still has a .mpg suffix?


Yes, mpg. Thus the smaller file is still playable by Channels.


Thanks @DebbieFL for the helpful tutorial! The Channels guys should hire you to write their DVR documentation!


I’d be surprised if the use of .mpg doesn’t confuse some software. There are fairly strict conventions around the use of file extensions for media files, as .mpg implies a very different file structure from the MPEG-4 files you’re producing.

Don’t get me wrong, though; it’s a good workaround, and it points to a feature that users clearly want (non-realtime transcoding). I just personally prefer the solutionn of renaming and dropping the transcoded file into Plex for direct streaming.


My understanding is that @DebbieFL is using MCEBuddy to create a mpegts container that has h264 encoded video. So it’s not a mpeg4 file, it’s still an mpg but the video codec is h264 not mpeg2. This is similar to the format used by the EXTEND, or when your cable company stream is h264.


Any updates on this working nicely with MCEBuddy? Getting really tired of having to manually change every folder name


I’ve sent 2 requests for MCEBuddy devs to assist, both have gone unanswered. 1st- over a week ago (discussions) and 2nd - last Fri (issues).

Based on answers (if ever received) I may be able to assist in accomplishing your goals. My methodology as previously outlined is sufficient for me in utilizing for playback in both Channels and Plex. You might want to try it out.

Also, you could add your request to the issue I setup on MCEBuddy. The more voices the better.


Maybe @tmm1 has a better communication line than we do.


No updates, sorry.

We plan to implement a Transcode/Export option in the DVR during the beta, so that you do not need to use any external programs like MCEBuddy.


Thanks for upvoting on MCEBuddy link. The MCE issue now says “proposed”, anyone else?

Maybe we can get some attention, if others vote on the link above.


This won’t require any Terminal commands other than some basic copy/pasting will it? No editing of script files either?


Glad I could help! We need other to vote! Come on MCEBuddy users!


This thread might fit nicely into the Channels DVR->Hacks sub-forum.


Great news! I’m hoping the transcoding includes the option of removing the commercials. That’s basically all I use MCE buddy for.


This is great! I wish I had the chops to understand all of this. I get stuck on how to edit preferences. Also not sure how to install MP4box. Not sure if I missed that somewhere.


Any idea how soon this would be added?


Not for a few weeks atleast. We are busy fixing bugs in existing features before adding new ones.


ok sounds good. I am excited for that feature tho :grin: