MCEBuddy Hack - json file has null Description

   "Description": "",
   "Episode": 8,
   "Genres": ["Reality", "Adventure"],
   "IsMovie": false,
   "IsSports": false,
   "MetadataGenerator": "Channels DVR",
   "OriginalBroadcastDateTime": "2019-08-01T00:00:00Z",
   "RecordedDateTime": "2019-08-02T05:03:00Z",
   "Season": 6,
   "SubTitle": "Out Cold",
   "Title": "Alone"

From the Recordings json I can see the Summary and shortDescription are both null.
Would it be possible to use the longDescription in this case as I'm manually modifying each one like this.

   "Airing": {
      "Title": "Alone",
      "EpisodeTitle": "Out Cold",
      "Summary": "",
      "Raw": {
         "program": {
            "title": "Alone",
            "episodeTitle": "Out Cold",
            "shortDescription": "",
            "longDescription": "The remaining survivalists begin feeling the effects of starvation. One participant fights to stay in the competition as her body starts to give out, while another, who has an abundance of food, shockingly continues to lose weight.",

This should have been fixed a while ago.

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Thanks, will let you know if it happens again. Only saw it on a few recordings.