MCEBuddy metadata - add SeriesPremiereDate

Is it possible to get the SeriesPremierDate in the .json file? They all appear to be defaulted to SeriesPremiereDate: 1900-01-01T00:00:00. I like to get the premier date in the Plex show folder name.

Are you talking about the mcebuddy json or something else?

It's a general question regarding the json option on DVR server. But I am using the json for MCEBuddy.

Which json option?

It's the MCEBuddy Metadata option in the experimental section.


Okay that's what I was asking.

The MCEBuddy Metadata contains a OriginalBroadcastDateTime field already. We're not adding any SeriesPremiereDate to that file so the 1970 value you're seeing is coming from MCEBuddy.

I'm not sure if we have series premiere dates available to add to that file. Will have to check.

Okay thanks for the info. Is it possible to add it? I'm not sure if you can get the data to add to the .json file. Thought I would ask.

This has been added to the MCEBuddy json file starting in v2019.10.21.1901

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Thank you! It works great.

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Thanks, I also find it useful as that's the only portable metadata I know how to get from Channels DVR.