Mediacom troubles

Parents got the largest Mediacom package but they have an Ebox they call it and when I add it as a source it only lists like 65 channels that are all what you'd get if you had an antenna with no CBS ABC FOX NBC
so like comet and laugh tv.
Why wouldn't their 175 channels show up?

Not sure why you're only getting 65 channels. I entered my parents Mediacom credentials last night and there were 147 channels. I think they have a mid-tier package. They are in central Missouri and the only locals available were CBS and NBC.

You might try to rescan to see if you can get anymore.

Well a week later I get 137 channels. It only gives me CBS
The following don't show

Disable the experimental locals in the DVR web UI.
Connect to your Channels DVR server using secure HTTPS. https://
Enable the experimental locals in the DVR web UI.
Your browser may ask for permission to enable location service, let it.
You should see a spinner as it rescans the locals.

I believe this helped me last time i had problems long ago. It was the Https part.
This time it helped me gain Fox still trying NBC and ABC

See Channels Support - TV Everywhere Local Channels

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