Memory Report from the Support Menu

Consider adding a Support Menu item to display the amount of free memory available for the live TV pause/rewind buffer and how much time it represents. Maybe display information how to increase free memory (remove unused apps or clear data) or change to streaming option if not already used. Would also be useful when out of storage memory and the beta app won't update, but doesn't generate an error message.

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With Original quality selected, there’s no way for us to know ahead of time how much time can be buffered because it depends on the bitrate of the individual channel that is played. There can easily be a 2-4x difference in time depending on the source.

Can't you probe the source to detect the bitrate of the source being sent? There already is a Stats feature that displays this info. Mediainfo and ffmpeg also can read such stats. VLC can read live stats.

Something like
Available Memory: XX GB Available
Estimated Time: XX min (*estimate based on 1080p 60FPS @ 10mbit)

Put a astericks next to time and choose the higher end of what atsc 1.0 can do. That way for majority of cases it is underestimating. Could possibly include 2 times. One for 720p and one for 1080p both using higher end bit rates for time.


I am going to upvote this feature request because i have seen many users in past talk about buffer limits. Primarily with lower end devices. Buffer limit has never been issue for me personally. But i remember for a while there was a crap ton of topics about it.

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Yes, and if you could put in a HD and SD in there, at least every U.S. TV user should know those terms.

I do have several of the lower end devices, although I have added memory to my most used units. So I really don't have a big problem with memory anymore. But Channels is so dependent on client memory for best performance and sometimes storage memory issues sneak up on you.

If you are using a device with limited memory and it is creating live tv buffer issues you can enable HLS which will cause it to buffer on the server. I have never used this feature, so I cannot provide first hand experience.

@Michael_Birk I know you are aware of feature because of post history. Sinply adding link in case any future readers find this feature usefull since its related to live tv buffer.

Edit: HLS server side buffering is in stable releas. Not required to run beta.

Actually the HLS option is enabled differently now and has been incorporated into the released version inside the Playback Streaming options.

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Not in the support menu as the initial post requested.

Also, bitrates are usually always variable (VBR) and not constant (CBR). It could be 0.9 Mbps one second and 11.2 Mbps the next.