Menu button taking me out of app

I’m having a intermittent but fairly common bug where the menu button rather than taking me “back” just takes me out of the app and back to the Apple Home Screen. Running the latest Apple TVOS, latest version of channels app on TV and server.

Back from where to where?

Which remote are you using?

@tmm1, say for example I am watching a channel. If I click menu to take me back to the guide it instead takes me back to the apple Home Screen. This is using the apple remote.

This has happened to me as well. I assume it's the app "crashing" which takes me back to the main screen of the Apple TV.

In my case I don’t think it’s the app crashing because I can still force close the app and it takes me directly back to the channel when I go back into the app. In fact I have to force close the app to be able to get back to the guide.

What version number is shown inside the app?


Server: 2020.10.28.1832
Apple TV: 4.0.4

Menu as back works everywhere except when I’m watching a channel.

That's quite an old version of the app. The latest version is 4.3.0

Apparently I have two versions of your app installed and I updated the other. I’ll try again.

I have had this problem and it’s especially prominent when I switch to the app and immediately click menu, doesn’t matter where it is in the app, it goes back to the Apple menu, if I wait for the refresh, which seems to vary by current screen, then it doesn’t happen. The app doesn’t crash for me.

It’s 4.0.3 even. Easy to reproduce.

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I see this too. Also see when switching to the app and pressing menu quickly to go back a level. Instead it goes to the main Apple screen. I feel like I have also seen it when a few levels deep in settings and trying to back out.

This is typical of tvOS and has always been around. If you click into something and don't wait for the transition to end before pressing Menu, it'll dump you back to the Home screen. This is easy to reproduce when bringing up a modal in Channels.

This is normal behavior.

This is happening to me all the time. I can be watching a channel for a long time, then I hit menu to get to the guide and it takes me back to the Apple Home Screen. Started happening a few days ago.

What can I provide to help troubleshoot this.

I just updated the app and it works fine now