Metadata (Cover Art) question

I have a couple of m3u lists that I have added and the xml for the guide. The guide for these channels works as it tells me the shows that are coming up and currently playing shows with episodes additionally the search function works in finding these shows. However It does not show any cover art. Plus the "On Now" only shows the channel Icon and not the cover art of the show that is playing. My DirectTV source works as it should (shows the TV Show/Movie cover art)

I am using xml for the guide but I have the option to change to epg but by changing I still do not see the cover art for the show. Is this not an option for m3u source or have I missed a step in setup?

The XMLTV file needs to have links to art inside it.

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Of the EPG creators, which ones provide the cover art? does not as that is what I am using now. There are paid services that may. Does give cover art? how about IPTV Boss program? Xeev? Iptveditor? xtreameditor? WebGrab+? Zap2xml? has anyone in the community had any experience using any of these for the creation of an EPG and do any of them provide cover art to assist with the on now section of Channels DVR?

My virtual channels act the same way as the OP describes is there a way to show TV and Movie cover art in the on now and quick guide sections instead of the default channel logo for virtual channels?

If your items don’t have art, you won’t get art.

Your channel may have run out of airings. If so, go to the virtual channels source and refresh it.

This happens sometimes and we’ve had a hard time tracking down why.

If you could submit diagnostics before refreshing, and letting us know the name of the channel, we can take a look.

I am using To create an xlt or epg for an M3U. Through my research (although provides guide data) doesn't provide cover art. There's nothing channels can do to make cover art appear when the source is not providing it. There are epg editors that do provide the art, which is what I will need. For instance zap2it/zap2xml does. But it is difficult to setup and I have not tried to figure it out yet. But I am working on it. I was just curious about some of the others if anyone was using them and if they have had any luck.

Logs submitted as 9380cdd6-ce34-4c8a-99f3-636fc1c80ea6

I refreshed guide with no success. I also have no art for OTA channels through HDHR.

A good channel to look at would be 8001. All of my virtual channels show default logo in on now.

An alternative, at least for mainstream channels, is to not use their xmltv, and match the channel via the channel editor and it will use gracenote data. Then it’ll have art.

I tried the channel editor and although it assigned the channel to the corresponding m3u channel it did not show any guide data or meta data for the channel. I may have done it wrong so it may have been user error but I tried multiple channels and no luck. With it does have accurate guide data and show details just no cover art.

Pretty sure you have to refetch guide data after doing the channel epg map edit.

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I will try that later as I didn't perform that function, however even though I attempted to delete the xml and save it, it wouldn't disassociate from the m3u guide when choosing to manage the channels. I had to remove it completely and reinitiate the M3U without the xml assignment for the channels to be reassigned in the manage channels section. Currently I am unavailable to mess with it but I will try this in the evening.

That's an outstanding bug in custom channels that has been previously reported.

Yes that did work thank you.