METV issues

We love the old shows on METV but are having issues with some of the shows not showing up on the guide as well as the guide only going out a few days as opposed to 2 weeks like the other channels. Also METV2 is not showing up on the guide but is selected on the channel scan. I did just apply a firmware update to my HDHOMERUN Quattro so maybe that will help? Where else can I look, especially for guide data?

Some of the shows that are missing are Tombstone Territory, Deputy, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and more. Also, is there a way to get the GRIT channel?

Do MeTV and MeTV2 show in your HDHR Channel Lineup using the HDHR web ui?
An HDHR tuner does an automatic background channel scan about every three days and might have removed those channels from its lineup,

Also look at your HDHR source in Channels DVR web ui and select manage lineup from the gear dropdown to see if MeTV2 shows up (never heard of that channel, maybe it's MeTV+).

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Most likely, if Grit is not available OTA in your area, it won't be available for steaming either.

I'm in the NYC area and Grit is available OTA. Thanks to a link that somebody posted somewhere around these forums, I was able to get LocalBTV NYC into Channels and Grit is one of the channels.
I have seen people asking about LocalBTV for other areas and it seems that none other exists. I don't know why.