Migrating from a Synology DS1511+ to Windows 10 machine question

My question is a little different than what is answered in this post Migrating Channels DVR from one device to another so I wanted to post this. I am looking to move from a Synology DS1511+ to my Core I7 Windows 10 machine and the main reason for this is that when I do remote streaming from the current Synology Channels DVR it buffers pretty much continually and my upload is 40mb/s which should be fine so I don't think the network speed is the problem. I have also done a complete reinstall of the Synology OS which solved some problems but this is still an issue. So I believe that my Synology NAS is just not powerful enough to stream the content off my network. If I move the DVR to my Windows 10 machine and still use the same share I am currently using for my recorded content (/volume1/HDHomeRun) and just map it as a SMB share from the Windows machine will I have any issues doing this? I plan on doing the back up and restore to the Windows 10 machine but just wanted to make sure I wouldn't see any other conflicts? Thank you in advance.

Make sure on the DVR web UI the Deinterlacer is set to Hardware. This might fix the problem.

This should be fine if both the PC and NAS are hard-wired.

Is this on the Settings tab on the DVR web page? I can't find this setting under Transcoder or Web Player? Transcoder is set to Software but I don't have the choice to change it on the DVR.

Ah okay, your NAS is an older model with an Intel Atom D525. That doesn't support hardware transcoding which is why you're having so many buffering issues.

Yeah it is a 2011 year Synology DS15xx model which has a Intel Atom D525 @ 1.80ghz CPU. I know it is horrible for Plex server transcoding, which stopped me from using it as a Plex server instead of just a storage device for my Windows 10 Plex server.

One last question, I am under the assumption that I should have my NAS DVR server still going once I setup my Windows 10 server so I can restore the backup. With having them both running at the same time will that cause a conflict for the clients? Thank you for the help.

The DVR doesn't need to be running to restore backup. You should only have one running at a time ideally.

Ok sounds good. Thank you for the information.