Migration -- Verification of Steps

I have built me a new home machine and I'm going to repurpose my old machine as an ESXI server for lab/home development. I have integrated graphics on the old board and my processor is old enough it doesn't support VT-D so I'm presuming that hardware acceleration will be unavailable (is this correct), which is ok at this point. I'm moving from a windows 10 box, the new setup will be a Debian 10 server running as a VM on the ESXI host. I presume the process will look like this:

  1. In the live server, run a database backup.
  2. Shut the server down.
  3. Copy the existing data directory to the new server (DB, Images, Logs, Movies, and Recordings folders)
  4. Install Channels on the new server per the install guide.
  5. Go to http://serverip:8089/restore and restore the database backup.
  6. Reboot the server.
  7. Change any port forwards in my router and ensure things are working.

I presume channels will automatically install any dependencies such as comskip/ffmpeg/etc?

Did I miss anything there?

Thank you!

Looks right to me. See also https://getchannels.com/docs/articles/migrate-dvr-to-new-computer/