Mini pc for Channels

Is there any reason I couldn't use this mini pc for my Channels set up? Are the any drawbacks or other problems?

Technically, no. Personally, meh. Realistically, look into each piece of hardware in that board that you'll use, and see if it's sufficient.

I'm sorry, but that made no sense to me. If it is a Win10 machine, isn't that sufficient? Is there a minimum requirement list somewhere?

It may not turn on automatically after power outage but will be perfectly fine for running the dvr

If you don't already have this computer, a Raspberry Pi 4 is a lot less money and works really well.

No I don't have it. The reason I picked this one is because I understand the Windows system. Is the Pi 4 similar or is there a big learning curve. I'm trying to simplify my system instead of using the tower PC I have now. Channels is the only thing I'm using it for as I've got a souped up tower right beside it.

Thanks for the help so far everyone!

It's really easy to install the DVR on the Pi. Once it's installed you manage it through a web browser so you don't need to know anything about the operating system it's running.

Oh wow! Sounds simple enough. I think I'll give it a go.