Mini PC server recommendations

I’m looking to purchase a Mini PC for Channels DVR server. Just need the recommended specs from a brand like Asus or Intel. Plex 4k HDR transcoding for movie playback and multi tv viewing without stuttering is also preferred. Any recommendations for the lowest price but still can do what I’m looking for?

Pick up a used Intel nuc on eBay :blush:

Not a bad idea but would still like to know of a recommended model number that can do both Channels DVR and Plex 4k media transcoding. I’m currently using my 3080ti gaming pc and keeping it always on for live tv DVR but thinking I may be wasting electricity just for live tv.

You'll have to take a look at the specs and plan accordingly. My 2 cents, even a good used nuc that is powerful enough to do what you are looking for is going to be 200-300 bucks. To save that much in electricity between leaving your current machine on all the time and the additional NUC power consumption is going to take you a LONG while. If it ain't broke.....

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I've used channels in a docker container on both a System 76 Meerkat and a Minisforum HX90. The baseline models of these are incredibly powerful and can easily handle multiple 4K streams.

Sounds good. Another question for someone new to this. I can’t fit a big 3.5 inch hard drive for my movie collection inside a mini pc. I do have a nas drive but the nas is underpowered for transcoding 4k. Can I use the mini pc and nas drive together so that the nas holds the movies and the pc transcodes and streams it?

As long as you have a gigabit connection to that NAS then it'll have the bandwidth needed.

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