Missing BBC HD metadata

Recently the BBC made some changes to DVB muxes to allow regional HD news broadcasts: Update on changes to BBC One HD on Freeview/Youview in England - Media Centre

I've retuned the HDHomeRun via the app, but now channel 101 (Freeview in UK) shows the channel as unknown in EPG (even though working fine). I tried force-restarting the app as well.

Background here Update on changes to BBC One HD on Freeview/Youview in England - Media Centre

You can contact [email protected] with your device ID for guide data fixes

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Thanks - if anyone comes looking, their recommendation was to:

  1. Unplug the antenna
  2. Run a retune
  3. Plug the antenna back in
  4. Run a retune again

That worked for me - it's basically some quirk around BBC changing the 101 BBC One HD channel in a way that's breaking channel scans.

EDIT - Hmm, still a problem I think, as although ID is now correct, EPG still doesn't work.

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@tmm1 - I've fixed the channel ID now (with a workaround as described above).

But although the channel 101 now has the correct name, the Channels app EPG still doesn't work for that channel.

EPG comes from SiliconDust and their support can fix it. You should be seeing same thing in Channels and the official HDHomeRun app.

Hi, I have the same issue with the missing EPG for BBC ONE HD. Although the SD EPG works (channel 1), the one for the HD one, doesnt work (Channel 101)

Were you able to find a definitive solution for this?.

As "tmm1" user suggests, this problem is also present in the HDHOMERUN main app as well, so it is not something specific to Channels app, but the HDHOMERUN itself

There seemed to be two issues - one is to fix the actual channel ID, and that required the workaround I mentioned above.

After that, the channel came up as BBC One HD Lon (for London) - you may be in a different region.

I assume HDHomerun fixed the EPG at the backend, as after a day it did finally work.

Maybe you need to contact them to update if you're in a different region?

I am in London as well.

Yes, trying your workaround solved the issue!

Thank you "marcosscriven", very helpful advice

I also just wanted to add thank you marcosscriven - as this workaround also worked for us, and I was baffled before!

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No worries - on the plus side, we finally get HD London news, rather than a red screen saying regional HD news not available.