Missing channels in guide but are recorded

I have a few channels that the DVR records on but they don't show in the guide. How can I restore these missing channels?

Which client are you using (which device)? Most clients combine duplicates of the same channel. That may be what you’re running into.

Android (Nvidia Shield)

Which channels are missing? Also make sure you have it set to display all channels, not filtered somehow.

The two channels I know out of the gate are FOX 13.1 and ABC 28.1. I do have other channels for these but they currently do not work (guess I need to disable these on my HDHomeRun) I can see these channels on t my PC guide but not on my Android guide. I don't see anything getting filtered so i guess Android is hiding these channels due to others already in the guide? If i disable the other channels that are not working should these channels show back up?

Anything else I should try to get these channels back on Android?

The Android app combines channels across sources into one entry on the guide

Yeah if your antenna picks up stations that you can’t get clearly you should go into the settings and mark those as no good so the software will ignore them. I recommend doing this in the DVR. If I remember correctly Android clients will sync this so it will be the same everywhere.