Missing Delete All

I used to have an option to delete all episodes in a show, but no longer can find it. I found that really helpful when I have it set to record all college football games. After I am finished watching the week, I like the quick ability to clean up my storage space.

I'm sure someoone familiar with the android client will respond.
I know you can do it in the DVR web UI by clicking the Trash button on the show..
It prompts you with "Are you sure you want to put ALL the recordings in the trash?"

Edit Found it Long Press on Show an option to trash all pops up.

Trash all Items
Mark All Watched

Thanks for that. Is there a list of commands handy somewhere here in the forum for various operating systems?

Almost all the resources (movies, shows, episodes) support holding to get more options.

With limited buttons on streaming remotes IDs all you can really do. Just try this around the app to get actions you can take actions on these items.

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