Missing Guide Data for local OTA only

I am not sure where my issue lies, but I noticed just now when I went to start watching football that the guide data for all my local OTA channels is missing except for the 4 ATSC 3.0 channels I have since I purchased the 4K HDHomerun Tuner. I currently have one Connect 4K box and one Connect Quatro running.

If I tune to any of the regular OTA channels, they play back just fine. If I open the HDHomerun App I see the guide data displayed for those same channels that is missing in the Channels App.

Also, now if I go to my.hdhomerun.com it doesn't display my tuners like it usually does. However, if I go directly to the IP Address for each tuner, it shows up just fine and everything seems to be working hardware wise. I am just not getting the guide data for those channels.

I am seeing guide data for all my TVE channels.

I tried updating the guide data in Channels via the web page but it fails saying "Failed to fetch station 68344: Get "http://data.tmsapi.com/v1.1/stations/68344?api_key=x26sg2rpk8qyuyn9ddzwmsuu&lineupId=": dial tcp: lookup data.tmsapi.com: no such host

Any ideas what is going on here?

No such host indicates dns issue

Well, I may have been too quick to post, unless the log error indicates something that should have never happened in the 1st place.

I hit the "re-download guide data" button and that worked to re-populate the guide this time.

However, I would like to know why it may have occurred in the first place and if it's an issue on my network I should look into or not?

Yes it does seem like something is up with your dns setup. If your tuners don't appear on my.HDHomeRun.com then they are failing to talk to the internet also.

Ok, thanks for the data. I am not very savvy in this area unfortunately.

I do know that I had a firmware update on my router a couple of days ago. I wonder if that screwed something up.

Well, the guide data didn't update last night when channels did it's auto update. Now however, even using the manual re-download guide data it will not update those OTA channels that come from the HDHomerun tuner.

It does update the guide data for all the TVE channels though.

Can you point me in a direction of what to look at to fix this? I know it's not a Channels issue, but I am not sure if something is wrong with my router or is it an issue from my provider or what.

My router did have a firmware update last week and it seems all this started after that point.

I use the router without it's wifi turned on and have a separate Orbi Mesh setup for our home wifi.

"no such host" means your DNS server is not responding. Maybe there's a dns cache built into the router that's malfunctioning. Or your upstream dns settings are incorrect. I don't really know.

Ok, gotcha. Yeah, wasn't expecting you to know, just maybe point me in a direction of what could possibly cause things like this, which you did, so thank you.

Networking stuff is not my strong point. Tomorrow I will look into what you mentioned. I have been considering doing away with the router and using the Orbi router function instead anyway. Right now I just have it functioning as the wifi portion of the setup.