Missing pbs after scan (8.1)

On Apple TV and iPhone, I performed a channel scan after adding a new antenna that picks up VHF better and now can receive channel 8.1 (local pbs station in Atlanta). After scan, it shows channel with no guide data and no icon (that’s fine). If I quit the app on either device and relaunch, channel 8.1 no longer shows up until I scan again. I have a dvr subscription if that makes any difference.

Any ideas? Using 3.2.34 on Apple TV.


Do a refresh Station Logos and then fetch guide updates. I had to do this last week.

Did that. No good :frowning:

Make sure its added as a favorite if your setting shows only favorites. You may want to re-add the guide so it will do a fetch for all channels on OTA.
Also check your device app in the tuner setting and make sure that the channel is not hidden. If Nothing
try clicking and refreshing with this option and verify the status show fetching missing guide data appears

Click Scan Network on the DVR web UI in the HDHR section

Wow.. the refresh next to tuner fixed it! Thanks!