Missing TV Shows for Blake's 7

I have a full TV Shows directory on my file server setup in Sources/Personal Media. The folder's contents show up in the library JUST FINE for everything except one show Blake's 7 which never appears in Channels (scans into Kodi or JellyFin just fine). I think it's the ' in the directory name...

Importing shows into Channels DVR relies on Gracenote data to match titles.
Appears that Gracenote has no listing for that 1978 series.

Interesting... I would have expected it to be able to use the NFO files (graciously created by JellyFin) or at least extract the path/directory/file-name information or embedded tags.

Hmmm, lemme see if I can get that stuff added to GraceNote, thanks!

Gracenote's database does have an entry for Blake's 7 as tmsId SH037671780000 and seriesId 341886, along with entries for all 52 episodes

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Try the TMDB on Channels DVR to match it.

How would I do that if NONE of the files show in the TV Shows?

they should show in unmatched

You must have access to their API. Can't find it on zap2it.com
Just found it using the Channels API /dvr/groups/1/matches?q="Blake's 7"

The Unmatched is for DVR recordings. These are files I already had from before Channels and are in the share for Sources

Unmatched is for all including imports. Make sure you are choosing all in DVR manage and not just filtering recordings.

Blake's 7 is an old BBC Sci-Fi series that is only available for streaming via BritBox. Zap2it only provides listings for linear channels in Canada and the USA, it doesn't include everything in Gracenote's worldwide database.

I think it's setup right... and all other shows are visible... the NFOs matches in IMDB, TVDB, and TVMAZE

... and nothing shows in DVR/Manage

Is this it ?
Blake's 7 (TV Series 1978-1981) — The Movie Database (TMDB) (themoviedb.org)

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Look in the dvr log to see if imported any of the episodes.
They should appear in DVR > Manage > Unmatched > Shows
unless they were incorrectly matched to something else.
Channels DVR doesn' read/write NFO's (yet).

I think maybe imports are broken?
I just created a couple files to import in my TV imports directory and they didn't import.
TV\Blake's 7\Season 01\S01E01 - The Way Back.mp4
TV\Blake's 7\Season 01\S01E13 - Orac.mp4

Even renaming the directory from Blake's 7 to Blakes 7 doesn't work.
But renaming it to Blakes Seven works.
Blake's Seven also works.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 16-18-47 Channels Manage Recordings

I think the ' character in the directory name is breaking the import...

EDIT: Nope, it's the trailing digit, thanks chDVRuser!

It's the 7

Nice catch! I guess this is a bug for them to fix, but as a workaround I'll rename my directory and rescan.

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