MLB Network not working

I've tried updating, reauthenticating, restarting, etc. The channel shows in my line up but says "stream not available" each time. This is via Spectrum. Thanks.

I've just tried and got the same thing. I believe the error isn't with Channels but with the TVE source. Try streaming from their website. It's also possible that they are now using DRM for certain events (similar to what NBCSN does) or that the event is blacked out in our respective markets.

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no one on earth can read minds, got to check the logs.


I have the Spectrum TV Choice package and I've been having this issue on NBCSN for a while now. I guess I'll have to switch out NBCSN for another channel :frowning:.

mine also not working and hasn't been for a few weeks now (although it has worked off and on during that time, at least once). kinda a bad time of year to have this not anyone looking at this?

Mine has been the same since at least yesterday. I have tried to rescan multiple times.

I think MLB changed their agreements so TVE only works on the home network. I'm experiencing the same with Cox, but don't have any history to test off of (only been a full user for a couple of months now). See: