MLB Network

Hi all, has anyone else lost MLB Network from their channel guide recently? I really miss it.

It's ok on mine. Check to make sure its ticked as a favorite and not hidden.

Yep mine broke a while back. YTTV is my provider. This is the error I get:

2020/02/11 21:42:00 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-YouTubeTV ch6193 MLBTV: TVE: get 503 Service Unavailable

Tried rescanning the channel, it acted like it was successful, but still does not work.

I've found when I rescan it seems to pause on the MLB Network for a few seconds each time I run the scan but then I can never get access to it on the channels tv guide?

Hmm it’s working for me. If you haven’t already tried I’d make sure on the latest version of the DVR (just a few days old), and delete and re-add the entire TVE source. That has fixed things for me in the past.