MLB.TV for Channels

Easier as in just adding an m3u tuner.

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his docker is what authenticates to mlb and creates the m3u and xml so you can just add an easy m3u tuner. how much easier is it supposed to get when mlb doesnt give you an authenticated m3u and xml?

Ah, that's why docker is needed. Different than how TVAnyWhere works I suppose where the providers are sending over the authenticated m3u?

no, tve is different.

Got it. It would be nice if could work the same (or be integrated into) TV Anywhere.

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This is awesome thank you! Does this mean something similar would be possible for and NFL sunday ticket streaming?

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Only if those sources do not restrict their streams with DRM.
The NBA does, for example.

for the record, before someone else reports it i just found an issue with doubleheaders that i'll be working on this weekend. if you try to load game 2 between games of a doubleheader but the stream isn't active yet, you'll end up with the off-air stream cached and the game won't load. like i said, will try to figure out a solution for this this weekend.

I prefer Linux for many, many things. Started back on Unix. corporate world, IT is my job, is Windows, so I do most on that. I built the DVR on Pi because I had one sitting here and the image was easy. Is there a guide or readme on getting ssh opened on the image OS?


Got it, thanks!

This is kicking my butt. I've used putty, SecureCRT, several sets of keys, checking encoding and newlines. Booting with the USB key in or just inserting it. No joy.

Is the Channels image the only way to build or are there packages I could install on a more general Raspbian build?


what exactly are you trying to accomplish? i'm lost...

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Please use this new topic Docker help needed for MLB.TV for Channels for discussion of your docker issues.
I split off the conversation so it wouldn't clutter this one up.

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So far this add-on for Channels has been working great for me, and lo and behold, I'm slowly becoming a baseball fan :slight_smile:

That said, I've discovered that the timing couldn't be more perfect. The MLB At Bat app itself (on AppleTV, at least) is experiencing feature regression. They just added the standard tvOS PIP functionality, but at the same time, removed numerous integral features such as, Catch Up / Start From Beginning / Watch Live, Linescore (jump to an inning), radio station feed selection, watch two games side-by-side, Siri skip ahead capability, and more.

Kind of a bummer. Which means it's great to now be able to instead access this content alongside our other channels, within Channels :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, @crackers8199!


the roku app is exactly the same way, and that's part of the reason why i started writing this to begin with. to change between games on any of the apps really is just such a disaster that it ends up taking several minutes just to switch between them, which causes you to end up missing part of the game. i wanted something that i could easily switch back and forth, and this provides that.

glad you're enjoying it as well! if you run into any issues, just let me know and i'll do my best to fix them!


Hmmm Ive got an ATV 4k and did catchup last night. A few days ago I did the dual game thing without issue

Then your MLB At Bat app hasn't updated yet. Once it does, you won't be able to use those features any more. Which is why I posted that warning...

If you want to preserve the app's functionality as long as possible, you may want to turn "auto update apps" off, if it's not already off.. I'm not sure how long that previous version will keep working though, and it's kind of a PITA to manually update all other apps... but it might be worth it to you.

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Get SSH running on the DVR. Sorry, not meaning to hijack thread. My goal is to get MLB.TV running following your method.

That discussion really belongs in another thread. Did you look at the How To?

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