MLB TV subscription

Maybe the ninja fixed it?

nope, it's doing it again. i have no idea why.

edit: nevermind, i think i figured out why it was doing that and fixed it. still not sure on the 403 errors, though.

edit 2: buffering issues seem to be resolved, IF you're only watching one game (which kinda defeats the purpose if you have multiple people in the house who each want to watch a different game). i watched both games of the mets/phillies DH today and it might have buffered once, if that...but as soon as my wife tried to put on the pirates game, they both started buffering occasionally.

i'm still trying to figure out how to better handle multiple streams from multiple games, and prevent them from shouldn't be an issue with my internet, i have 500/500 fios. if anyone has any thoughts, i'm all ears. i'm not sure where the bottleneck is.

still seeing the random 403 errors, but i literally have no idea why they're happening. the weird thing is that like i said, they're completely there's nothing wrong with my IP or account, and they don't appear to be rate limiters - i just got one on a stream reload after watching for over an hour without one. the problem is that if you get one in this scenario, it causes the entire stream to crash...

i may just start looking to package this up and send it out for an initial round of testing, because maybe it is something weird going on with my home internet. if anyone else can reproduce it (or not reproduce it), that would at least give me some more info to go on.

I love to tinker and would be willing to try it out. I have AT&T Fiber 1000/1000 and full sub to try multiple games.

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I'm game to test it out. Release the Kraken!

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i'll get an initial beta release cleaned up and packaged. it's going to be a docker container, that seemed like the easiest way to make this happen. i'll let you guys know when it's ready....might not be today, though. will see how far i can get after work today.



hoping now that it's the weekend i can get this packaged up, but just putting this here so i don't forget (for whoever i happen to send it to, to help with testing):

one potential issue i just found is that the MLB API requires two different keys for watching a game, and they both have different expiration times - one is 24 hours, one is only 3 hours. i ran into an issue this afternoon where one was expired but one was not, and the API started throwing all kinds of errors at me when i tried to use the two together. i think i've fixed that, but just something to watch out for when testing this (and everyone else for that matter once i get it out there)...all of this should be invisible to you, but if this happens the logs will record it w/ a bunch of forbidden/blackout errors.

the best way to test this would be to do the initial install and first game load around 1pm pacific time (adjust time zones accordingly) - then the following day, load your first game of the day at 11am and leave that single game on until after 2pm (extra hour to be safe), then try to load another game. if this is fixed, this should be fine...if not, you'll see all of the errors i was talking about in the logs.

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Hows it going you ready for a beta tester?

hopefully this weekend. was hoping to have it sooner but I had my second covid shot the other day and it hit me pretty hard, so I haven't gotten much of anything done the past few days.

what I really could use at the moment is someone who is an expert with docker...I'm having issues getting the container the way I want it.

@robbiet480, I'm volunteering you for being super awesome with the Stirr Docker :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


How's it coming?

@crackers8199 following the progress here. Any updates?

i was having issues with composer on my dev machine, i think i might have that sorted out now. trying to do a build again, once i get this built i will be pinging a few people who volunteered to test to see where we're at. i'm still having occasional issues but i can't identify if they are just issues with my network or if they're issues with the code...but i don't want to do a wide release on this yet until i make sure they're not issues with the code (to avoid everyone else having problems at the same time).

as soon as i send this out for beta testing i'll post here as well to let everyone know we're closer.

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container is built. as soon as i verify that it works tomorrow once games start, i'll be sending it out to a few people for testing.


excited to see this :slight_smile:

beta version coming shortly via DM to select people. i'm going to try to get everyone who requested to be a tester, if i miss you let me know.


wondering if you still need a tester

If you need more testers, I am also interested in helping.

I think we are really close to opening this up to everyone. stay tuned...