MLB TV subscription

Any way to link MLB TV subscription to channels? Thanks


Not at this time, I don’t believe.


Does PlayOn work with MLB.TV?

That would be awesome though!

I’m not a subscriber so I can’t say for sure. I did a quick Google search and found a blog post from 2014 saying you could get classic games via PlayOn and No idea if that’s still the case or if you could download current games.

No I don't think so. I been recently using playon again and I don't see MLB.TV as one of the supported channels.

i'm working on something for this, but it definitely won't be ready for opening day. i think i can make this work via a PHP app and custom channels lineup, but i'm not 100% sure yet.


oh my sounds amazing!

Can you keep me in the loop? I’d love to implement this as well.

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proof of concept. it's extremely flaky at the moment, though.


That’s rad! In holding out hope you figure it out.

This is awesome

Count me as interested...

Wow! Amazing. I'd love to integrate my subscription with Channels.

For sure this would be an awesome addition.

still working it out, but i figured i would add the standard disclaimer here: this will only work with a valid mlb tv subscription. this isn't going to give you any games for free, in case anyone was wondering...


I am totally good with that. I have free from T-Mobile and would rather access through Channels than the app. Please keep us updated. :slight_smile: :smiley:


same here lol that's why i started this to begin with :slight_smile:

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totally fine with that too! Looking forward to this very much and checking this article frequently!