Mobile viewing?

My Channels DVR works great.
Server; Win 10 Desktop PC
Client; Nivida Shield TV Pro.
Client; Nvidia Shield TV.
Client; TiVo Stream 4K
All Cat6 Ethernet
ASUS router AT-AX88U
T-Mobile Home Internet.

My question, I can view my security cameras over mobile cellular service. But not my Channels DVR. I understand Channels DVR is not compatible with (IPV6) T-Mo Home. What's different about Reolink's mobile app that just works without any special config setting?

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You can use the new Tailscale integration.

Thanks for the quick response. I check into Tailscale.

Can someone explain why Reolink's app works without any special VPN or other configurations?

I’m sure it’s because it uses a cloud infrastructure.

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