Modern Family Jan 22

Instead of Modern Family got the Goldbergs even though the guide data and Icon is Modern Family anyone else see this ?

We recorded both the Goldbergs and Modern Family. Both were normal on our end.

I had to watch them using XFINITY Stream on my Roku....

That's strange. Mine were recorded via OTA, was your source the same (or did it come from an TVE stream)?

I am not sure I wish that they would also include channel recorded in the Info will look in the logs.

Logs rolled off.

Got more log recorded OTA .... That is why I would like to see more guide refreshes besides the one in the morning.

2020/01/22 19:59:30.011546 [DVR] Starting job 1579751970-345 Modern Family on ch=[2.1]
2020/01/22 19:59:30.427395 [TNR] Opened connection to 152035B1/1 for ch2.1 KATU

020/01/22 20:32:00.645733 [SNR] Statistics for "TV/Modern Family/Modern Family S11E12 Dead on a Rival 2020-01-22-1959.mpg": ss=95%,92%-96% snq=100% seq=100% bps=9726368,5578336-12875744 pps=924,529-1223
2020/01/22 20:32:00.650308 [DVR] Finished job 1579751970-345 Modern Family
2020/01/22 20:32:01.334279 [DVR] Waiting 27m28.665737705s until next job 1579755570-349 Stumptown
2020/01/22 20:32:01.613421 [DVR] Processing file-5730: TV/Modern Family/Modern Family S11E12 Dead on a Rival 2020-01-22-1959.mpg
2020/01/22 20:32:02.215662 [DVR] Running commercial detection on file 5730 (TV/Modern Family/Modern Family S11E12 Dead on a Rival 2020-01-22-1959.mpg)

I agree, I wish there was more transparent as well.