Modifying comskip.ini in Win7

I just subscribed to ChannelsDVR a couple of days ago and have been torture testing it. I'm very impressed so far. I've been using Windows Media Center for ages along with comskip and am reasonably happy, but like certain things about ChannelsDVR a bit better.

Today I recorded a random episode of The Simpsons. Mainly I wanted to see how it looked on a 65" TV. At first I thought it looked a little jerky, so I took the output from Channels, converted it to a .wtv file and played it in WMC. I found it looked pretty much the same as far as my eyes could tell.

BUT Channels commercial detection was fooled by a brief dark section of the video and thought it was a commercial. Running the same video through the comskip in WMC handled it just fine. So I want to use the stock 2017 comskip.ini instead of the one Channels supplies. Where do I put it?

I tried putting it in Computer -- C: -- ProgramData -- ChannelsDVR and reran commercial skip, but that didn't seem to work.

It would go into c:\ProgramData\ChannelsDVR\data