Monthly vs. yearly subscription... From a business perspective

Channels DVR is the best. The developers are the best. Amazing product, amazing team.
I want to support them in a way that is more beneficial to them.

If I look at the numbers only, it seems that the monthly subscription benefits them in the end as they are getting $96 instead of $80 with the yearly subscription.

However, I'm wondering whether it is as simple as this.

I'm not a business guy so I'm wondering why they offer a yearly subscription since it seems that they are getting less money per customer in the end. I'm sure there must be a good reason for it from a business perspective.
Of course, with a yearly subscription, they are getting a customer locked for one year but how does that benefit them financially? Is there more to it?

Just curious if somebody could provide some explanation so that I can choose the best option to support them in the long term.

It just like anything save a bit with the yearly plan.
Many many other things that are subscription plans are like that. save X% when u buy the longer plan vs month to month.

Some people only want to pay month to month, some have no issue paying for 1yr and saving a bit more in the long run, if they know and accept that they have paid forward for 1yr.

Some subscribers choose to do so monthly to support the developers the most with the standard subscription options. You could certainly choose to do that if you wish.

The monthly vs. yearly plans seem to make sense. Commit to a longer term, pay less, fairly standard business plan.

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I think this varies especially for international users, and fluctuations in the exchange rate, I used to be paying around £7 a month now it’s just above £5 a month, I don’t want to pay a noticeable lump sum one month, but if I do it at the right time when I’m getting the most $ for my £ a yearly subscription might be worth it.