More Guide Tabs/Filters!

Currently there is a favorites/etc tab, a today/etc tab, and a now/etc tab displayed on the guide. I'd really like to see a device tab that show only the channels on the selected device. For example, it would have dropdowns for all, hdhomerun quatro, locast, TVE-Philo, TVE-whatever, and for each, the three existing filters would function as they do currently. Thanks.

Interesting idea. Another way to describe this would be a “source filter”.

A source filter was added in v2020.12.02.0209


@tmm1 be like...

Does that help client apps untangle the channel combining (for those that want to)?

No, it is only for the server's web UI.

It's a start...

Well - gosh - thanks for the really quick solution! I grumble about a yearly subscription, but with support and development like this I can't really complain.

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