More info episodes in the Show view

When viewing the saved episodes of any given season pass, say there are 7 saved episodes, is there a way to show more info when a selected episode has focus? Maybe even something that shows the season/episode number real quick like, without having to actually hit the select button?

We’re planning a revamp of that view soon to help with larger libraries. What you mentioned is on the table when we redesign it.

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Thanks @maddox. That is something I've always wanted as well.

A revamped show view just went out on Testflight for Apple TV.

It shows more for info about the episode and lets you jump to episodes for each season

Nice got to check it out.

Except it still only shows six shows on screen. Seems like such a waste of space, especially with the big icons. I pretty much know what I'm watching. Don't need giant icons to show me. Would much prefer more episodes on screen and smaller images.

Do people like side to side scrolling when everything else tv/streaming related runs vertically?

Most streaming platform home screens use horizontally scrolling sections, as do Netflix, Prime Video, and others. Channels is hardly alone in this UI paradigm.

(Edit/Addendum: A vertical scrolling list is available in the Recordings page. However, the list is simply sorted by recording date/time, newest at the top; no other sorting or filtering is offered. It includes watched, unwatched, and in-progress recordings, as well as recordings-in-progress. It is not an exhaustive list of all recordings, simply the most recent. I haven't counted/compared the list to see if there is a finite number of entries, whether the listing cuts off after a certain number of days, or a combination of both.)

But this isn't a "streaming" platform. It's really a tv/dvr platform based off of linear TV. People come here for a linear TV option, not a streaming platform option.

Which adds to the funny aspect of this as we have so many complaints in threads about "streaming" based remotes not being geared towards linear TV watching. Do we really want our linear TV app to not be geared towards linear TV too? That's why you have people also asking to be able to enter the app to the last thing watched, or the guide or to specific things we had with regular linear TV.

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The latest Apple TV Beta app Version 2020 (9.11.13) removed the season selector and individual show description. The previous release Version 2020 (9.2.535) shows like the image below. But not in latest beta release.