More padding options for recording settings

I would like to have more options for the padding of recordings. I noticed that the TVE sources run about 30-45 seconds behind. So if a recording runs from 8 to 9. I need to be able to have it start about 8:00:30.

I utilize the padding at the end to have recordings stop 1 min after. But there is not and options for recording to end early or start late. This would be helpful to account for TVE schedule drifts in programming.

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Yes, "negative" padding would be nice if it's possible.
Most of my TVE channels start up to a minute late and usually run 1-2 minutes late, so I end pad 3 minutes (would like a 2 min option).

Reviving this old feature request.

The pre-defined options for padding before/after shows is not granular enough.
Starts out with some fine options, 10sec, 30sec, 1min...but then is much larger increments.

Just started to record a series via series pass on a Pluto channel and i need a 15sec before pad (start) and a 7min before pad (end) in order to record the episode just right, and not have to then edit a billion video files later on.

Would be nice to have much more options for padding, even better, and option to set custom values in sec and min.


You can do custom padding in seconds (pre and post, negative and positive) with an advanced pass, but it would be great to see that option wherever one can set or edit padding.

Don't see any options for that under the Advanced Tab.

Is it some sort of "condition" you have to add via special syntax?


To enter negative padding, use a minus sign.
-180 start (pre) padding would start 3 minutes late
-180 end (post) padding would end 3 minutes early

AH! Didn't even think to SCROLL all the way down...did not know they had added custom option.


They should mark as Completed this and other threads that request this.

Not so fast!
I would like the custom option to appear everywhere you can set/edit padding.
For instance, if you edit padding for a scheduled recording, that option isn't there.
Also if you manually select to record something from On Now or the guide, it's not there.

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