Move Play/Pause FF FR buttons to bottom of screen

Is it possible to move Play/Pause FF FR buttons from top to bottom of screen in iOS app?

It is a stretch and uncomfortable to reach the buttons at the top of the screen on an iPad Pro 12 inch to skip commercials, especially when it is sitting on a table.

Would be much better if the buttons were at the bottom like in most other apps I use.


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It certainly helps to have the commercial skip button towards the lower right!
Still, moving the controls to the bottom would be preferred in my opinion.

Channels on iPad with the controls at top :frowning:
Is it a bug that the left time display is always 0 min - should it show the current delta time?

My favorite layout! :slight_smile:
F1 TV web site player in Safari on iPad:
Note how it shows the delta time and total time.

For comparison Netflix and Amazon:
I am not a big fan of the pause/play button in the middle of the screen (which dim image on the screen)...
Also, when taking a screenshot in these apps the image is not captured (same with screen recording).

Still wishing for this change, or an option to chose the location (top/bottom) would be great!