Movie classified as TV Show

I recorded a movie, but it shows up under TV Shows. Is there a way to change a program's classification from TV Show to Movie?

At the moment, no. However, such a feature is on the roadmap. (And no, there is no ETA.)

Also, was this an actual film that was miscategorized, or was this perhaps a TV movie; TV movies can often be classified as shows, depending upon the guide data.

Another possibility: was this recorded from OTA/cable/TVE? Or was this from an outside Custom Channel you created. (Or, if not a Custom Channel, perhaps the guide was from an outside XMLTV source.) If it was the latter, chances are the guide data did not indicate the airing was actually a movie.

The simplest fix is to move the .mpg file from the TV folder into the Imports/Movies folder.

It is a real movie (Zorba the Greek), but it was recorded from a custom channel.

Nonetheless, being able to reclassify it would be nice. Consider this an upvote on that feature.

I moved the file into the Movies folder, but it does not show up in the UI under Movies. Is there a way to make Channels rescan it's Movies folder?

No. It will only work if you put it in the Imports folder under Movies.

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When I had the same problem, I moved it to a Local Content | Movie Sources directory and renamed the file so that it had the year and everything in it. That fixed it for me.